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Suspected rapist hunted

MAASIN CITY – The lone suspect in the rape of a 15-year old high school student here has reportedly left the province and is believed to be hiding in Metro- Manila.

According to police sources the incident occurred around 3 a.m. last August 16. The victim said the suspect who was her uncle climbed through the window of her room and threatened to kill her if she resisted.

After she was assaulted she said she ran to her parent’s room and informed them she had been raped.

Her parents who sought the assistance of the barangay tanods there then proceeded to the police station to report the incident. A police team then accompanied them to the suspect’s residence but he had already fled. Since the incidence fliers containing the name and photo of the suspect have been circulated in the city and the alleged rape has also been reported through the social media.

A complaint affidavit has already been submitted to the City Prosecutor’s Office which could then endorse it to the proper court which would issue the warrant for the suspect’s arrest.

Any information regarding the fugitive’s whereabouts should be sent to the following cell phone numbers: 09056991212 or 09308360291

Jewelry worth a million peso missing

Abgao, Maasin City- Jeffrey Yao, a 27 year old resident here told the city PNP that at on August 27 at around 11:00p.m. He discovered that his jewellery which was inside a zip-lock pouch under his bed worth about one million pesos was missing. He said he believed it was stolen by his wife’s nephew, whose name was witheld due to him being a minor who hasn’t been seen since the items disappeared.

Abrasive drunk stabs Tanod

Cansirong, Maasin City-Last August 26 at around 12:15a.m. a carpenter here who was obviously drunk stabbed a barangay Tanod several times for ordering him to stop his boisterous drinking with his friends because neighbors there could not sleep.

A police team led by SP01 Promencio Dumaguit said the victim, Rodulfo Salas, a 52 year old barangay tanod there had requested the suspect, Diosdado Gregana, his 44 year old neighbour to stop drinking with his friends since they were disturbing their neighbours.

However, instead of following Salas’s advice, Gregana had insulted him and the argument which followed led to his stabbing Salas twice in the chest and left side of his body. The suspect is now in police custody while the Tanod is being treated at the Provincial hospital..

Child Abuse suspect arrested

Last August 12 at around 10:30 in the morning at Barangay Asuncion, Maasin City, a police team led by SPO1 Promencio Dumaguit rrested 54 year old Cerilo Orag Ecoa resident of barangay Nat who was wanted for child abuse and cruelty. The city PNP team was armed with an arrest warrant signed by Presiding Judge Bethany Kapili of Branch 24 Maasin who set his bail at 60, 000 pesos. The accused was subsequently turned-over to the issuing court for proper disposition.

Notorious city robber caught

Last August 7 at around 10:00 a.m. 32 year old Mark Ian Alvarez who was wanted by the police for a series of robberies in the city surrendered to Mantahan Barangay Captain Rafy Omega.Alvarez who was the object of a massive police manhunt is said to have surrendered because he feared he could be harmed if he did not. The warrant for his arrest was signed last June 14 by Judge Edgardo Lionedo who set his bail at only P12,000.



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