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Police arrest top drug pusher

A police team led by Police Inspector Jay Cinco Balderian and Drug Enforcement Officers of region 8 arrested one of the top drug pushers in the city. Police identified the suspect as Dionald Aclao Roa a 26 year old jobless resident of Barangay Abgao, Maasin city.

In a “Buy Bust Operation” at around 4:30 p.m. last Friday at Barangay Tunga-tunga, Maasin City, they caught the suspect with two sachets of shabu and other drug equipment. Roa will be charged before the City Prosecutors Office with violating the dangerous drug act aka Republic Act 9165.

Jobless Man Stabbed

COMBADO, MAASIN CITY - A jobless resident here was stabbed by his friend during an all night drinking session at his residence.Police identified the victim as 44 year old Lyndon Desvarro. According to Lorito Montederamos, a security guard of the SOYMPH the victim who was brought there by his family had sustained stab wounds on his neck and made laceration estimated two inches depth.
SPO1 Promencio Dumaguit and PO3 Sancho Orito Jr. who rushed to the crime scene confirmed that Dodong Niez, a resident of Barangay Tabunok, Hilongos. Desvarro and the suspect had quarreled after having one drink too many. And that Niez, who was losing the argument, went ballistic and started slashing Desvarro with a kitchen knife.

Chainsaw Sales Mechanic Loses P276,000

One Joefrie Lavalle Faala, 32 years old, married, sales mechanic of Jeff Chainsaw Hauz located at Brgy Combado, Maasin City and a resident of Sultan Kudarat told police that last March 20 he discovered that one Vicente Ferando Gaylan, a 22 year mechanic of the Chainsaw House Stall had robbed him of P116,0000 in cash and assorted spare parts valued at P160,600.

Uncle Mauls Niece

Last Tuesday, a 21 year old Alma Mae Samalca Dultra an unemployed resident of Barangay Canturing, Maasin City reported to the police that her uncle Ruel Paloma Samalca who was also unemployed came to her house and mauled her for no apparent reasons and even tried to strangle her to death. During the attack she said he kept shouting “patjon ta ka (I will kill you).“

The case has been referred to the Barangay Lupon for resolution. A neighbor who requested anonymity (for fear he too would be attacked) said Samalca was a neighborhood trouble maker and was extra aggresive towards women when he was drunk. He said Samalca was probably peeved by reports that Dultra said he was a useless drunk...read more

Tanod dodges assailant’s bullet

Jerry Diola Gabucan, a 41 year old Tanod of Barangay Ibarra, Maasin city told city police here that that at around 8:00 o’clock last Sunday while on his way to work Prescilo Tenio, Sr. took a shot at him but missed. Gabucan has filed a complaint of attempted homicide against his alleged assailant.

Did cashier do it?

Jr Amplavo Olarte, the 23 years old auditor of Dok Alternatibo, located at Barangay Tagnipa, Maasin City told police that upon auditing said establishment last March 8 she discovered that P41,999.85 was unaccounted for during the period October to December last year. She claimed the shop’s cashier Marifi Wakli Reyes had admitted she took the money because she was hard-up at the time.

Sutokil owner kills self

TAGNIPA, MAASIN CITY – The owner of the popular SUTOKIL Bar was found dead in his own bar. Police identified the suicide victim as Diosdado T. Araña, a resident of Tagnipa.

According to Gina Guerra who was first on the scene, Araña killed himself by tying a rope around his neck which he then tied to the bar’s wooden ceiling beam.
Police investigators suspect that the victim probably used a prohibited drug and was deeply depressed because of personal problems.

According to IPHO Doctor Francilisa Tan who conducted the post-mortem examination of the victim, the cause of death was cardio
respiratory arrest.

According to people who knew him Diosdado Araña was a good father and a hardworking and loving husband.

Drunk attacks 2 women at Slaughter House

It was a relatively peaceful week with only two minor incidents recorded in the police blotter. Both cases however occurred at the infamous row of KTV bars also known as “slaughterhouses” beside the Maasin Central School. The first case which was reported to the police by the cashier of Travelers KTV Bar involved a customer who the cashier Aileen Casaba Gagan identified as Alejandro Tingson Caidic. She said he was drunk at the time and began punching guest relations officer Angela Odag Macam. Gagan claimed she tried to pacify Caidic who got even angrier and started mauling her too. The second incidence which happened a few minutes earlier at nearby Kita Kits KTV Bar involved the same suspect who reportedly threw a sack of foul smelling garbage inside the bar. Police believe Caidic then proceeded to the Travelers KTV Bar where he was advised to go home and sleep it off. But instead of doing so he rained blows on Gagan and Macam.

Buy-Bust Operation

A buy bust operation was conducted in Barangay Comdado by a joint PNP team and SLPPO led by PSINSP Jay Cinco Balderian. The buy-bust was consummated after one Gelo Atibula Cello, 26 years old, single, jobless and a resident of Brgy Combado, Maasin City handed down to the poseur buyer one sachet of shabu in exchanged for P600, which resulted in the arrest of Gelo Atibula Cello. The suspect is a well known drug pusher in Combado and neighboring barangays.

The following items were recovered from the victim: three pieces medium size heat sealed transparent plastic sachet containing suspected shabu inside a small plastic container, one hundred peso bill and cash amounting to P603 believed to be the proceeds from the sale of illegal drugs and one black Myphone cellular phone and two sim cards.

Brother beats Sister

Miss Annaly Franz Maraon Bacala, a 27 year old, single on-line English teacher and resident of Brgy Tunga-Tunga, Maasin City reported to the police that at about 11:45 a.m. last January 25, while she was at her house together with her mother Filomena Bacala when her brother Francis Christopher Maraon Bacala, a 28 year old engineer and his wife Cathy, both residents of Brgy Ibarra, Maasin City came to settle their family problems.

The two argued and Francis eventually lost his temper and allegedly started striking her face with his fists. She has presently filed a complaint with the Barangay Lupon.

Employee vs. Employee

Roel Jacobe Adobas, a 43 year old employee of the Department of Public Works and Highways Area Equipment Office and resident of Brgy.
Laboon, Maasin City personally appeared at the city police station to report that he had been physically assaulted by his supervisor Elmer Dayola.

He claimed Dayola went ballistic when he failed to produce the acetelyn torch he asked him to get and without hesitation allegedly delivered knee blows on his legs and punches to his body.  


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