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PPI @ 51: As it celebrates its 51st year, the Philippine Press Institute, also known as the national association of philippine newspapers, reaffirms its strong commitment as a catalyst for enlightened, meaningful and sustained community development, more so in the coming 2016 elections. Seen here during the annual meeting is SLT’s Managing Editor, Dr. Gloria Markines Reyes (3rd from right) and Visayas based community newspaper publishers.

Journalists are our catalysts for change

The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) conducted a four-day training seminar for young journalists last May 13 to 16, 2015at Harolds Hotel in Cebu City with the theme Investigative Reporting, Transparency, Accountability and the 2016 Elections.

PCIJ Research Director Earl Parreno, SLT correspondent Nekka Pablo, Executive Director Malou Mangahas and Multimedia Director Julius Mariveles.

Among the resource speakers were Malou Mangahas, the PCIJ Executive Director, the Center’s Research Director Earl Parreno and Multimedia Director Julius Mariveles, COMELEC Commissioner Luie Guia and Commission on Audit Regional Director Alicia Malquisto. At that seminar the resounding message that journalism was a catalyst for change was reverberated and as the country’s new story tellers, journalists should not be constrained from obtaining public documents from government officials.

The attendees were also encouraged to investigate every aspect of a story and to dig up every bit of obtainable information.These include data on public transactions by public officials as to ascertain transparency and accountability.(By : NEKKA PABLO)

General Bonifacio Basco Ramos

It’s nearing election again and a time to reflect on the possible outstanding individuals who will lead us in the coming years. At the forefront of this list is the “Poor Boy from Lonoy” who rose from poverty to reach the highest career rank in the country’s Armed Forces. Since he is my uncle I will just let his achievements speak for itself.

General Bonifacio Basco Ramos was a consistent honor student in his elementary and high school days at Saint Joseph College and graduated from the Philippine Military Academy in 1975. During his military career he has served as Military Adviser to the Secretary of National Defense and as Military Attache of the Philippine Embassy in Washington DC, USA.

His stints as Commander of an Infantry Company, Battalion and Brigade in war torn Muslim Mindanao, was followed by his equally challenging assignments as Army Division Commander in Samar, and as Commander of the Philippine Armed Forces in Northern Luzon.

He retired from the army with the 3-star rank of Lieutenant General which is the highest rank ever attained by an army officer from Eastern Visayas.

There are other distinguishing hallmarks in the general’s impressive record which deserves mentioning. But for the record, his main objective for returning to the city, is to lay the groundwork for his wife who will return here a few years from now.

Regarding the rumors he was being groomed as the Liberal Party candidate for City Mayor in 2016, he says he wants nothing more than to serve his province any way he can. (By RUEVIVAR “WOWIE” REYES)

Tips for a healthier life

We don’t have to be marathon runners or live on celery sticks. Small things we do every day can go a long way toward staying healthy. Once they’repart of your daily routine they may indeed feel effortless. Here are a few things you should consider.

(1) Keep a weighing scale and use it often

Research shows that people who weigh themselves regularly are more likely to weigh less. Weigh yourself every morning and try to do so at the same hour, I weigh less in the morning. Although people with anorexia weigh themselves obsessively—the disease came first and not the weighing.

(2) Schedule your exercise and stick to your routine

Set a fixed time for exercise each day and join a group who have been exercising together for years. You’ll have fun and keep each other motivated. Vary your routine to keep it interesting. There is a Zumba dancing exercise program every morning that you can try, and Yoga, and brisk walking are also good for your health. The important thing is to keep moving and to think positive always.

(3)Refrain from eating unhealthy food

Think about what you are eating. If it’s processed replace itwith something natural like fruit, vegetable, and fish. Avoid airline food, if possible, they are handled by too many people and you could end up with indigestion. If the restaurant you dine at have menus make sure to wash your hands after ordering. Menus are a haven for germs because most people don’t wash their hands properly.

(4) Never travel without workout clothes

When you pack for a trip don’t forget to bring your sneakers and sweat shirts even if it means bring along a larger traveling bag. You rarely have to wait more than a few minutes at baggage claim anyway. I fit rains use the treadmill in the hotel gym.

(5) Limit your food intake

Try to avoid any dish that is larger than your fist. Eat only when you are truly hungry and you’ll notice that the food tastes better. The trick is to establish an eating routine that works for you. Once you do this you’ll notice how much healthier and attractive you are.(By MARK L. RIMAS)



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