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May 7 - 13, 2016

Duterte’s Top Priorities


Last March, I wrote a column titled “Why we should vote for Mayor Duterte for president.”

Among the reasons I gave was that he was the only presidential candidate who could do something about the deteriorating peace and order situation in Maasin City and elsewhere in the province. Which was evident in the anarchy in our streets, our sidewalks, and the daring day light robberies our law enforcers cannot seem to solve. After all, Maasin is Rodrigo Duterte’s home town, and I was sure he would impose the same rules and regulations which he had imposed in Davao City.

I said he could (a) order the Department of Transportation and Communication secretary to finally complete our airport, (b) enforce a curfew on minors, and a liquor ban covering everyone from 1 a.m. to 8 a.m. throughout the province, (c) enforce our traffic rules and other ordinances, and (d) modernize our city police force. Since the above problems are now included in president-elect Duterte’s agenda, they should now serve as guidelines for our newly elected leaders, who are the ones who should implement them in their localities. And this is where he will meet strong resistance.

One of these flashpoints is Environment which the president-elect believes should be conserved for future generations to enjoy and benefit from. Since this would cover the huge open-pit mining operations in Sogod, Bontoc, and Maasin City. For these are the money-making ventures and lifeblood that our local politicians there depend on to ensure their reelection - and they will do anything to preserve it.

This being the case, it will be up to the concerned citizens and private organizations like the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry to make sure our political leaders are following the policies of our President.

And if they are not, to make sure, Digong knows about it.

This is the first, and probably last time, a Maasinhon will become president of our country and we must take full advantage of it.

If we don’t, we will have no one to blame, but ourselves.

Antonio M. Reyes is the publisher and editor of the Southern Leyte Times the largest circulating newspaper & website in Southern Leyte.

World War III

That the world today is in chaos is beyond question. Countless wars, revolution, rebellions, suicide bombings, shootings in school campuses, the emergence of the ISIS, kidnappings, invasion of national boundaries like the very recent Ukraine crisis and the Chinese intrusion of established Philippine territory in the South China Sea, the bombings in Belgium, Russia and France, etc. all point to one worldwide devastation that is the imminent World War III. All men should prepare for its coming, whether we like it or not. Physical and spiritual preparations are necessary, but more important is the spiritual one.

Among the most ominous scenes of the war is that Russia will overrun Europe and the Chinese will subdue the Middle East with their millions of soldiers. In fact, China has been building a tunnel towards Israel and when I first read about it, some three years ago it was already 32 kilometers long and about two military tanks wide. So it would also be a war of tunnels out there.

What country is the only one military superpower in the world today? Is it the United States? No, “Russia still has the largest military machine in the world; the largest nuclear missile arsenal… the largest arsenal of tanks, armored vehicles, nuclear submarines, ICBM’s and SLBM’s (Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles), and warplanes in the world,” according to Donald McAlvany in The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor, Special Report.

A joint Russian-Chinese military plan intended to conquer the United States. In February 2002, McAlvany reported: “The plan for a joint military campaign against America, waged by Russia and China was drawn up many years ago, and was told to me in 1999 by the highest ranking defector of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian General Staff, Col. Stanislav Lunev.” McAlvany also said that “Lunev stated on his last visit to Moscow, prior to his 1992 defection, the Russian General
Staff was still committed to fighting and winning a future nuclear war against America. That Russian forces would occupy Alaska and parts of Canada and the “Chinese would be given responsibility for occupying the lower 48 (states).” This joint Russian-Chinese force would be one clenched fist called New Axis or the Moscow-Beijing Axis. This axis also consists of 12 members including Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Syria, Libya, Cuba, etc.

When Russia overruns Europe, the river Rhine will be overflowing with corpses and blood. There will be a great revolution in Italy and Russia will raise her flag over the dome of St. Peter’s basilica. Rome will be purified for its many sins, especially those of impurity.

In this Third World War, one-half of the world’s population will be destroyed or about three billion. Most Americans and many countries still believe that the United States is the world’s only superpower, and this false belief shall only shock them when World War III erupts.

One glaring example of America’s weakness happened some two years ago when a U.S. warship was patrolling in the Persian Gulf. An old model Russian plane hovered above the ship like in circles. In a short time, the U.S. warship lost all power and the crew was in panic, wondering why. In fact, that ship was one of the most modern in the U.S. fleet. When the ship recovered its power and landed on shore, the whole crew resigned in disgust and shame. This incident never appeared in the newspapers and TV; there was a complete news blackout.

So we must prepare for World War III and not believe that it is still far, far away. Spiritual readiness is most important for God always loves his faithful believers and delivers them from all man-made evils.

More reasons to unite than divide

Congrats to the new president and others-elect! People in government come and go. The Filipino people stay. . . To bring about real change, let’s always do our part for the country we love! Congratulations to the other winners. May you be humble and magnanimous in victory, gracious and graceful in defeat. Our people have spoken and we must respect their collective decision.

Time to move on for a new future . . . change is coming, for the better not otherwise. We hope and pray for the new centurions, even angels were no match to the angels of mind spinners, PR strategists and political tacticians who had earlier jumpshipped to the DU30 shadow cabinet, all presidents’ men. Expect horse trading and inner bickering for the booties and spoils of war by the dogs-of-war.

Congratulations also to all the proclaimed local winners, time to prepare credible statements of expenditures, especially donations and for your bright boys and girls to come up with action-programs to fulfill election promises. Not plans revealed during the campaign but action blueprints for implementation upon assumption to office to hit the ground running.

Legacy of continuity will no longer be the order of the day for the national government after “matuwidnadaan” got derailed on its tracks. The new Malacañang clique of traditional pols from unlamented past leaderships will see to it for novel priorities at least by nomenclature would come into play. Of course, these would just be basically old problems window dressed for the occasion.

At least some of our political leaders have matured and mellowed that should be emulated by supporters, even victors. The early conceding and appeal for unity after conflict by some election losers demonstrate political maturity that should inseminate their followers from Aparri to Jolo and mend broken fences instead of basking in the free ambience of unbridled license and abuse of social media to heal not open wounds of partisanship. As US presumptive Democratic nominee for President Hillary Clinton would say “There are more reasons to unite than divide us!”

We PROMDI’s, really appeal to the Duterte presidency to give fair share for rural development in genuine, not lip service, not like before where countryside and grassroots economy were widely abused and much-maligned terminology.

Marginalized farmers, fishermen and small livelihoods were merely relegated as human props during state of the nation speeches by whoever the top honcho happened to be. To be fair to the Aquino leadership, multi-sectoral achievements and headways had been made that PNoy’s critics and detractors choked on.

But these were all documented domestically, recognized and confirmed internationally. World-wide anti-corruption agencies not only praised but also awarded these efforts, adeptly obscured by selective biased mainstream and social media hacks. The comparative growth of the nation’s economy is a fait accompli complete with statistics, data and testimony but has been given less space and prominence so as not to trickle down to somebody’s credit. Instead, the negative intervening factors kept repeating ad infinitum to hurt the chances of the anointed one. The conditional cash transfer like 4P’s, social pension funds and other poverty alleviation mechanisms did not go to Mar but to Dinky. So did honest rehabilitation efforts politically exploited by opportunists to sow propaganda damage. But not with 4P’s and CCT or there would be a revolution by the people-recipients from impoverished communities. And, most hurting of all, the legacy of continuity for good governance by the late DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo went to the credit of widow VP contender Leni Robredo. So, Bongbong Marcos need not be surprised who’s had the good and bad memory of their legacy that people remember.

Southern Leyte is doubly fortunate, literally and figuratively, not only because President Digong traces his roots here in Laboon, Maasin unless he renounces them. But, most of all, our local leaders are known to be cooperative and easy to get along for the good of So. Leyteños. The people’s well-being is always in their minds and hearts. So, to everyone, let’s move on over the roadblocks of threat, hate and recrimination together with our chosen leaders. The people have spoken.





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