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July 11- July 17, 2015

City's founding father should be honored

I’ve always been wary of lawyers because of my experience in a Libel complaint filed against me and SLT correspondent Aida Morsen in 2004.

In this case the law firm representing the complainant was the one owned by then Congressman Aniceto G. Saludo.

To make a long story short, its lawyer was somehow able to convince then RTC Judge Romeo Gomez to issue a Hold-Departure-Order against us, because she claimed we would probably leave the country to avoid serving time in jail. The case lasted almost 6 years, and of course, it was dismissed for lack of merit. In other words the entire procedure was a long and cumbersome farce.

Last week I sent my reporter Nekka Pablo to interview the former congressman about his political plans, and to inquire, if he was invited to this year’s Charter Day celebration.

He said he has retired from politics and was now devoting his time to his business enterprises here and in Manila. But that he has not yet been invited to the event and neither had anyone else in his family.

Nekka said he was very charming and hospitable that evening, and promised her, he would send us his biodata the following day. The document turned out to be a 4-page (single spaced) narration of his achievements crammed so close together that one would suspect he wanted to save up on bond paper.

Yet after reading it I could not but be impressed by his achivements, and I wondered how the organizers of this year’s Charter Day celebration could possibly have over looked inviting the man who made the Charter Day celebration possible.

I still remember the day when the law transforming Maasin into a city was attained and how every politician then had congratulated the congressman for his accomplishment.

Yet now, only 15 years later, he has been practically erased from the city’s memory and there isn’t even a footnote in the past year’s anniversary programs about his role in the city’s history.

I have never voted for Aniceto “Odong” Saludo in any election but I can’t understand why he has been treated so shabbily since he lost his re-election bid in 2004.

Antonio M. Reyes is the publisher and editor of the Southern Leyte Times the largest circulating newspaper & website in Southern Leyte.

Lesson of history

In these times of political gimmicry to attract attention and get into the voters’ psyche, wannabes use different strokes for people to talk about and court their imagination.

But it’s very trite and pathetic to be repeating an old tune like a wornout broken record. Just like the much-maligned and accursed “pork barrel” of many aliases including CDF, PDAF, congressional initiative,

DAP, etc., same dog but different collars. For ambitious hopefuls to take cheapshots at the issues is not just redundant but obsolete since the nation is aware of such that even the Supreme Court has declared it unconstitutional but not illegal unless ”kickbacks” are proven.

After Benhur Luy spilled the beans on Janet Napoles that spurred the investigation of senators, congressman and other public officials, it’s not
fashionable anymore to blow the whistle on pork barrel, CDF, PDAF, DAP unless the agenda is personal and politically motivated. Advisory for those who have plans, please ride on current not rehashed or recycled matters of public interest.

Apparently, PNoy has been locked in the horns of a dilemma literally and figuratively, torn between two choices Mar and Grace, to endorse as successor. PNoy need not be belabored if he just recalls the history of Cory and Doy, a toss between traditional politician (TRAPO) and a neophyte, experience and strong personality, competitive intelligence, the magic of genetics, people’s clamor and being on the side of history spell winnability. Resources through iniative could come in later.

There’s no apprenticeship in the presidency which is God given and destined. President Cory never had any but got elected because of the other factors. The more with experience. Comparatively Grace Poe has more experience in the executive as MTRCB chairperson and the legislative as senator. So, there’s no sense in saying experience counts more than credibility and character that are inherent and innate in a person. Every day in office can be a continuous learning experience.

History proved the triumph of the latter that makes the difference in electoral contests. Hard decisions had to be made having no other substitute for victory.

The principal figures could sacrifice, it’s the well-entrenched allies and the inner conclave that’s unwilling to let go for self-survival and longevity
in the power corridor. The usual haggling, concession and compromise are the usual suspects in the delay of mobilization and reorganization of new alliances and coalitions. Funding to follow, if any. The reason why there’s still no movement in the local political front.





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